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Bowling, Walldorf (1 km)

Do you fancy bowling and ...more

AQWA - spa and sauna park, Walldorf (1 km)

Fancy a scenario where the sun is up, you are free and ...more

Luxor movie palace, Wiesloch-Walldorf (2 km)

The Luxor Theater is located only 2km from  ...more

Fashion Park, Nussloch (3 km)

The Fashion Park in the Rhine-Neckar triangle offers lovely lady clothes  ...more

Aquadrome, Hockenheim (8 km)

Appealing swimming pleasures and a remedy for the soul: the briny outdoor pool  ...more


Museum Autovision, Altlußheim (10 km)

The museum boasts of being the very first exhibition in Europe that showcases  ...more

Shopping street, Heidelberg (12 km)

It’s one of the most beautiful pedestrian zones in Europe. Since 1978 ...more

Zoo, Heidelberg (12 km)

An excursion site for the whole family: the zoo on the  ...more

Sea Life, Speyer (17 km)

Here, you get to follow the course of the Rhine from its origin  ...more

Technik Museum, Speyer (17 km)

An experience for the whole family. Found in a 16,000 m² large hall and  ...more

Badewelt, Sinsheim (20 km)

Discover your feel good place in the stunning South Sea ambience. Turquoise ...more

Auto & Technikmuseum, Sinsheim (20 km)

Here, you get to experience a technology adventure on an entirely different  ...more

Luis Park, Mannheim (20 km)

Stroll along the curved pathways, on the huge sprawling lawns for rejuvenation  ...more

Planetarium, Mannheim (20 km)

The “Star Cinema” Planetarium presents astronomy on an entirely different entertaining ...more

Holiday Park, Hassloch (35 km)

One of the leading parks in Europe. Whether it’s Expedition GeForce ...more



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