AQWA - spa and sauna park, Walldorf (1 km)

In addition to the newly (2011) constructed indoor swimming pool with separate giant water slides and an extensive sauna and wellness area, the surrounding  area has also been suited with an outdoor swimming pool and mini golf course.

Fancy a scenario where the sun is up, you are free and well….and the Bäderpark Walldorf family paradise is at your disposal?

On a scope of more than 80,000 m², 15,000m² covered with water, you will find everything you and your family need to play, romp, relax, enjoy and have a good time. A natural lake, several outdoor pools, an indoor pool, sauna and restaurant that leave you spoilt for choice. Here you’ll also find an artistically landscaped 18-hole mini golf course. This can also be used by non-visitors of the Bäderpark.

AQWA Walldorf



Picture credits: STADTWERKE WALLDORF GmbH & Co. KG