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Schwetzingen (7 km)

The Schwetzinger Castle Garden - the castle interior is  ...more

Heidelberg (12 km)

It’s not only the Heidelberg Castle that makes the trip  ...more

Speyer (17 km)

The Speyer Cathedral- its construction started in 1030 under the Salian Emperor ...more

Mannheim (20 km)

The monumental Baroque palace attests not only to the absolute power  ...more

Ladenburg (20 km)

Ladenburg is one of the oldest and most important city foundations ...more

Karlsruhe (30 km)

The Karlsruhe Castle - it’s not only mathematicians who come to discover ...more

Worms (50 km)

The St. Peter Cathedral, together with the Mainz and Speyer cathedrals ...more



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