Schwetzingen l 7 km

The Schwetzinger Castle Garden- the castle interior is preciously furnished with its garden being a monument with a European stature. From the baroque geometry to the natural landscape of the English gardens, the Castle Garden exhibits numerous stylistic eras of garden art.

Castle Garden



Heidelberg l 12 km

It’s not only the Heidelberg Castle that makes the trip worthwhile. The Altstadt (old city) and the uncountable places where writers, philosophers and artists considered ideal, are just as worth the visit as such scenes as the remains of the city wall or the astonishing churches in Heidelberg. Experience the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful German cities that has over the years left all its visitors thrilled.



Speyer l 17 km

The Speyer Cathedral - its construction started in 1030 under the Salian Emperor Conrad II and in 1061, the church was consecrated. The crypt, that has remained the same over the years, calls for special attention. It’s a grave where eight German emperors and Kings, four queens and several bishops were/are buried.



Mannheim l 20 km

The monumental Baroque palace attests not only to the absolute power of the Palatine Electoral Princes, but also to Mannheim being a residential city. After the alterations, it’s now the largest Baroque castle in the world. Today, the Mannheim Castle is home to the University of Mannheim as well.

Baroque palace


Ladenburg l 20 km

Ladenburg is one of the oldest and most important city foundations in Baden-Württemberg and one of the oldest cities in Germany. The old city and the medieval remains of the outer Ladenburg city walls simply make your visit priceless.



Karlsruhe l 30 km

The Karlsruhe Castle - it’s not only mathematicians who come to discover their true joy at the Karlsruhe Castle: A strongly symmetrical, with nothing left to chance, piece of art. A round stripe which from an aerial point of view forms a typical shape of a hand-held fan, explains Karlsruhe’s nickname “Fan City”.



Worms l 50 km

The St. Peter Cathedral, together with the Mainz and Speyer cathedrals, belongs to the greatest creations of the Roman church architecture. With its Roman cloister, the state museum in Andreasstift offers a spectacular aura to the city’s cultural and historical exhibits.

St. Peter Cathedral


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