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Refined culinary art - regional ingredients - awareness of quality and freshness!

Our Kaminrestaurant is open from tuesday to saturday from 5:30 pm. 
On monday, sunday and holiday we are happy to open on request.

Walldorfer asparagus

white asparagus soup
crispy puff pastry l rhubarb chutney
10,00 €

salad of asparagus spears
white balsamic I pickled egg yolk l fresh herbs l bread chip
18,00 €

½ pound asparagus spears in ham french pancake
hollandaise sauce and parmesan l gratinated
24,00 €

classic asparagus
sauce hollandaise or melted butter l new potatoes or herb french pancake
½ pound 19,00 € 
1  pound 25,00 €
with it we recommend…
...selection of ham
9,00 €
…Wiener schnitzel from veal
15,00 €
…2 medaillons of pork fillet  140 g
13,00 €
…Argentine rump steak 140 g
19,50 €
…3 roasted prawns
11,00 €


yellow pepper soup 
mint foam l dukkah baked peas
10,00 €

lemon grass marinated tuna
avocado l mango l coriander dashi jelly
tapioca chip l black sesame sand
19,50 €

carpaccio from free range beef
baked egg yolk l creme & chip from bread
rocket salad l dried tomatoes l parmesan
18,00 €

marinated turnip cabbage l honey yoghurt marinade 
herb salad l granny smith caviar
sliced halloumi l raspberry espuma
14,50 €


lettuce salad 
balsamic dressing l condiments l crispy crunch
11,00 €

with it we recommend
chili chicken strips    +8,00 €
teriyaki beef strips  +11,00 €
3 garlic gambas      +11,00 €

healthy salad bowl 
quinoa l wild herbs l edamame cassoulet l lime vinaigrette
papaya chutney l baked tofu l cashew nuts l crispy seeds
18,50 €

caesar salad
romaine lettuce l caesar dressing l crispy curry chicken
tomato relish l croûtons l parmesan
20,00 €

lettuce salad 
balsamic dressing l condiments l crispy crunch
small l as side dish
7,50 €

Easy Going

100% beef burger
apricot bourbon chutney l spicy mayonnaise
bacon l mild goat cheese l rocket salad
steakhouse fries l BBQ cream
23,00 €

filled mezzalune 
swiss chard pinenut fill l tomato foam 
glazed swiss chard l grana padano
20,00 €

roasted polenta slice 
grilled green asparagus l caponata
ricotta creme l olives
19,00 €

Prime Time

Argentine rumpsteak
parmesan crust I primitivo sauce
grilled zucchini l artichoke l olive tapenade l potato cookies
200 g l 35,50 €
300 g l 46,50 €

corn poulard breast under the lemon crust
tarragon sauce I green asparagus l glazed baby carrots
pea puree l romaine gnocchi
28.00 €

crispy baked pork belly
sous vide cooked l celery coriander puree 
pointed cabbage l two kinds of sweet potato
26,00 €

Wiener Schnitzel 
from veals saddle l lemon caper creme
cranberries l roasted potatoes l fried onions 
29,00 €

salmon trout fried on the skin
crustacean foam l chorizo l dill oil
two kinds of pepper l fregola sarda
34,50 €

Final Act

New York cheese cake
fresh berries l air chocolate 
passionfruit l raspberry sorbet
14,00 €

white chocolate lime mousse
caipirinha jelly l coconut ice cream l coconut brittle
12,50 €

marinated strawberries
bourbon vanilla ice cream l mint cream
9,50 €

ice cream always fits!
- lovely garnished - 

our creamy milk ice cream
bourbon vanilla l valrhona chocolate with brownie bits
mountain milk yogurt l salted butter caramel l coconut

our fruity sorbets
lime basil l cassis l mango l raspberry

each scoop 3,50 €

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