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Find the time to relax, to enjoy and to escape for a while the hectic daily routine. 

„Life from the most beautiful side begins 
with eating and drinking!“ 

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Vorfelder family

The  marks our vegetarian meals.


wintry crossover kitchen

lamb's lettuce 
homemade game ham
cranberries I pumpkin seed dressing
15,50 €

sweet potato soup
coconut I coriander I roasted almonds
8,00 €

haunch & ravioli from duck
parsley root puree I potato tarte I barberry sauce
25,00 €

fried pike perch
tomato aubergine compote I saffron risotto
crustacean sauce
24,00 €

various from citrus fruits
muscovado foam I caramelized nuts
9,50 €


foam soup of roasted pepper & citrus fruits 
vanilla I artichoke olive salad
8,50 €

smoked duck breast
wok vegetable wan tan I miso cream I plum chutney
14,50 €

salad of roasted vegetables
pearl barley ragout I feta cheese I herb oil
12,50 €

beef carpaccio with lemon olive oil marinade
rosemary focaccia I dried tomatoes
15,00 €

gin pickled salmon
crunchy rösti I coriander sour cream I pear relish
16,00 €

Salads & Co.

salad l raw vegetable topping 
sprouts l balsamic marinade
as side dish         5,50 €
as starter             8,50 €

roast beef papaya salad
cajun dressing I rocket salad I crispy corn crunch
16,00 €

lamb's lettuce
raspberry dressing I spice crumble I pine nuts
plum sauce I black nuts
13,50 €

Caesar Salad
cornflakes baked chicken I parmesan dressing
olive oil croûtons l hazelnut
14,00 €

Easy Going

brie cheese risotto
baked nut praline I glazed fig I lamb's lettuce
16,00 €

pumpkin lemongrass curry
sauted prawns I cream cheese dim sum
18,00 €

Wiener schnitzel
from veal l potato apple salad I pumpkin seed oil I cranberries
20,50 €

surf & turf burger 100% beef
avocado I bacon I tropical salsa I sweet potato fries
with king prawns         19,50 €
without king prawns    15,50 €

Prime Time

Argentine rump steak
cognac juniper cream sauce I confied root vegetable
parmesan dauphine potatoes
200 g l 25,00 €
300 g l 34,00 €

grilled saddle of lamb with horseradish crust
chianti sauce I Mediterranean braised vegetables
roasted thyme gnocchi
27,50 €

poulard breast
lime peanut sauce I sauted lettuce
baked sweet potato strudel
22,50 €

steamed codfish
pepper bacon brew I garlic bread I potato saffron puree
23,00 €

atlantic salmon fried on the skin
wasabi butter sauce I glazed mini vegetables I ginger tagliatelle
24,50 €

Final Act

pickled pear
poppy biscuit I coffee chocolate caramel
passion fruit sorbet
9,50 €

glazed nougat mousse in a crust
cassis foam I mango jelly I mascarpone ice cream
10,00 €

different types of sorbet and ice cream on request
each scoop 1,50 €

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